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What does ADSL mean? How does ADSL broadband use routers?

wangyueyue - 11-22-2017 at 06:52 PM

What does ADSL mean? How does ADSL broadband use routers?
what is the meaning of ADSL

many users do not know what is the meaning of ADSL, in fact, most of the current broadband home is the use of Huawei Smartax Ma5673 Wifi Onu ADSL dial-up broadband, only some of the big city has been changed to FTTH broadband mode, generally speaking, ADSL is a kind of broadband mode, ADSL can also be understood as a method of data transmission, it is because of the uplink and downlink bandwidth asymmetry, so called asymmetric digital subscriber loop. It uses frequency division multiplexing technology to divide the ordinary telephone line into three relatively independent channels, namely, telephone, uplink and downlink, so as to avoid interference between each other. Even if the phone calls to the Internet, the speed of the Internet and the quality of the call will not happen. Normally, ADSL can provide up to 3.5Mbps uplink speed and maximum 24Mbps downlink speed without affecting normal telephone communication.

we can look at the connection of ADSL equipment principle:

ADSL connection principle diagram of two, ADSL broadband Huawei Wireless Ar158E Router how to use

ADSL if the Internet dial-up broadband for home internet devices (desktop computer, notebook computer, tablet computer, smartphone belong to the Internet equipment) two or more, the you need to use a router to share Internet access, it can only support a computer on the Internet, intelligent mobile phone sharing ADSL broadband Internet access also need to install the wireless router, intelligent mobile phone can receive WiFi signal on the internet. ADSL dial-up broadband network environment using

router is relatively simple, if ADSL can direct dial-up broadband users have installed, routers allow multiple Internet devices to share Internet access, only need to put the modem Modem (CAT) and wireless router, wireless router connection and all computer, intelligent mobile phone is connected by wireless Internet you can see, ADSL broadband router connection structure: structure diagram of


ADSL broadband connection router connected to a wireless router, and then set about, as well as the computer and intelligent mobile phone set, all equipment setup is complete, you can start using your computer or smart mobile phone Internet surfing. three, ADSL router management page setting method of
first into the router management page in the browser, input:, you can reference: router simulation settings

click on quick settings, and then select the virtual ADSL (PPPoE), and then click next to the next internet account and password input on the Internet, then the next step you can save Huawei Routers Ar1200 Series