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Vernon Hargreaves was meant to be a Bucc

sherry2018love - 11-30-2017 at 07:55 AM

Vernon Hargeaves was nervous going into the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft. Coming out of it, he can relax because he's right at home literally.Born in Tampa, Hargreaves will be playing for the Buccaneers, who took him with the No. 11overall pick on Friday. Before he dominatedat Florida, he starredat Wharton High School, about 40minutes from where he'll now go to work at One Buc Place."I couldn't have pictured anything better," Hargreaves told Sporting News onThursday.MORE: Round 1 winners, losers |Every Bucs'first-round pick since 2000Turns out, it's bound to bemore than a happy homecoming for Hargreaves. The Bucs needed a big-play corner, and they got one known for making a lot of those plays all over SEC fields against the highest level of wide receiver competition.They also now employ a seasoned corner, Brent Grimes, whose mold Hargreaves fits, overcomingan undersized frame (5-10, 204)with great quickne s and hands in coverage."Grimes is one of the guys I've paid John Theus Jersey most attention to. It's between him and Darrelle Revis," Hargreaves said."I try to pick and choose some of things they did. Watching a guy like Grimes Dillon Farrell Jersey , he plays like 6-4. If you can play ball, you can play ball."Hargreaves carries himself with confidence andattitude, an important,underrated traitfor hisposition. He knows how to dial it up for opponents, but tone it down to stay grounded within a defense and locker room."I'm real calm and laid-back. I don't get on anyone's bad side and I'm easy to get along with," he said."What I like to have most in common with teammates and coaches is just wantingto play ball, have fun and win games.They're going to get a playmaker out of me. They're going to get someone who's going to work hard."Hargreaves is looking forward to stepping into practices and going to work with Jameis Winston, the pa ser he once tried to thwart from the other side in the intense rivalry against Florida Sate."It's going to be absolutely amazing. He's going to be one of the best quarterbacks to ever play," Hargeaves said."Playing against him andknowing the type of competitivene s that he has, that will to win, it's amazing. He's one of my favorite players to watch. He'll make me abetter player, and I'llmake him a better player."MORE: Breaking down Vernon Hargreaves| Bucs nailed itHargreaves ended up as the second corner taken in 2016, behind Winston's former Seminole teammate Rory Anderson Jersey , Jalen Ramsey, who also will be staying in the Sunshine State to play for the Jaguars. That means the pair will always be compared, but it's not really fair."We're two really different players. We have our own unique style," Hargreaves said. "Jalen is lengthy and athletic. I love watching him play. The things he can do on the field are amazing. For myself, I'm more the quicker, quick-twitch guy, the more aggre sive guy with the ball in the air. I don't think we have a lot of similarities because of our body types and physiques."Hargeaves talked to Sporting News before his much projected selection by the Bucs. In advance ofhis moment at the podium in Chicago, he was getting groomed to look his best at the Procter and Gamble VIP Style Lounge. The last time he styled and dre sed to the nines like that, it was for his high school prom.The real joy in the experience came from sharing with it his loved ones."I like how my whole family couldbe here and hang out for a few days, see my grandma, my two little cousins. Playing at home will make it easy everyone to keep seeing me," he said.Hargreaves' mother alreadyattends all his games. His sisters make sure to come to the home ones. Heplans to treat them to a shopping spree with his Roger Craig Jersey first NFL paycheck. With the millions in his future, he won't forget how much his mom helped make it po sible to give back to all of his family."It seems like whatever question I have, whatever problem comes up, she always has the right answer," Hargeaves said. "It's been like that for all20 years of my life."Hargreaves is thrilled he can remain close to her and keep heeding her advice as he faces the greater challenges at the start of hisprofe sional career."You have to realize that you're here now, you have start locking in, and you have to grow up," Hargeaves said."It's time to prove you can make plays and why I got taken where I did."